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This article, like the one below about getting people to your website, was originally written about 10 years ago. However, different from the search engines piece, this one I felt needed to be rewritten. Even though much of what I said still applies, there are a few things that I would no longer recommend and others that I failed to explain in detail, so I thought it best to rewrite.

I wrote this article about 10 years ago and in recently updating my site in 2012, I looked at it again to see if it was hopelessly out of date and should be either completely rewritten or removed entirely.

What I found was that what I said applies as much today as it did 10 years ago. There are things that I would add to it now, as the success of a website has become more complicated and relies on more than just search engine results, but I've decided to leave this article as is and build on it with future posts.